About Syang Art Space

Based in Magelang Central Java, Syang Art Space is an art gallery founded by L Ridwan Muljosudarmo,a collector and artistic of Indonesian art. His devotion for art and his desire to take part in promoting contemporary art in Indonesia have led to the existence of this gallery. Syang Art space was officially opened on January 18th 2009.

The Indonesian word Syang means “Love”, “sorrow”, “have a great interest in” that love expression to art. As the name indicates, the Gallery’s principal programs of exhibitions have been aspiring to present the pulses of recent developments in contemporary art in Indonesia and give the facilities about fine artsaround us. Among other thing we will perform the exhibition routinely.

All the exhibitions held by and at the Gallery are designed in cooperation with guest or independent curators. Exhibitions will be supported by our artists.

The Gallery’s attempt to play its role in facilitating programs that involve discussions and exchanges with and among artists, art critics, curators, and collectors while helping with workshops, book publishing, and designing projects related to various possibilities in the field of art.


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